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Oliver Stone’s Nuclear Power Movie

The Guardian has an interview with Oliver Stone about his new movie, "Nuclear Now," in which he calls Putin a great leader. Stone said:

“We’re getting it all wrong, and in the face of climate change, nuclear isn’t only an option – it’s the only option,” intones Stone, who says he considers Marie Curie, the Polish physicist known for her work on radioactivity, worthy of sainthood. “The truth is, we had solutions, and we fucked it up.” It all went wrong in the mid-20th century, when nuclear power and nuclear war were conflated and Hollywood started churning out sci-fi movies with phosphorescent freaks and nuclear bomb-wielding villains. By the early 1970s, environmentalists were warning of the hazards of nuclear anything, and sounding alarms about nuclear waste that had the American public in a tailspin.

The last time the Guardian US profiled Stone, he had just completed a strangely sympathetic 4 hour-long documentary about Vladimir Putin (at the time he said “the Russian people have never been better off”). Have his feelings about the Russian leader changed in the especially troubling years since? “I think Russia is doing a great job with nuclear energy,” he says after a moment’s thought. “China is also a leader in that field, although I never was able to penetrate into China, which was a shame for the movie I wish we had. But Putin is a great leader for his country and the people love him.” And that is as far as he is willing to go. He’s gone far enough already.

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