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Young Climate Activists Support Nuclear Power

The Guardian reports that a young Swedish evironmental activist is criticizing Greepeace for its opposition to nuclear power. It says:

An 18-year-old climate activist has called for Greenpeace to drop its “old-fashioned and unscientific” campaign against nuclear power in the EU.

In April, the environmental campaign group announced it would appeal against the EU Commission’s decision to include nuclear power in its classification system for sustainable finance. This “taxonomy” is designed as a guide for private investors wanting to fund green projects, aiming to boost environmental investment.

Ia Aanstoot, from Sweden, who for three years took part in the Friday school strikes movement started by Greta Thunberg, said Greenpeace’s legal challenge served fossil fuel interests instead of climate action.

With campaigners from five other EU countries, Aanstoot has launched the Dear Greenpeace campaign, asking the NGO to “drop your old-fashioned and unscientific opposition to nuclear power, and join us in the fight against fossil fuels instead”....

Aanstoot said: “Over a third of the clean energy in the EU is nuclear power, so Greenpeace’s motion to get rid of it is really harmful, I think. And I would definitely prefer to be working together with Greenpeace to get rid of fossil fuels. But when they are actively fighting such a large and useful tool like nuclear power, I don’t feel like I can work with them.

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