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Japanese Support Nuclear Power

According to Bloomberg, a majority of Japanese citizens support nuclear power plants. The article says:

"For the first time in more than a decade, a narrow majority of Japanese now support restarting idled nuclear reactors, according to a poll in the country’s top business newspaper.

“There is a strong tailwind for nuclear power at this moment,” Nobuo Tanaka, a former executive director of the International Energy Agency, said in a Bloomberg TV interview on Monday. If Japan restarts nuclear, the country’s utilities could re-sell spare liquefied natural gas to Europe, he said.

"Only 10 nuclear reactors have been restarted under post-Fukushima safety rules, but Japan’s 2030 energy goals requires nearly all 33 of them to be back online eventually. A small group of politicians from both the ruling party and opposition are calling for this to happen faster, but the restarts face hurdles including getting local government approval and a formal safety nod from the national regulator." 

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